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Docker build

Jul 19, 2015 ... Unless you have intentionally decided to block any news around software in your social feeds, it is likely that you have heard about Docker.

Introducing the New Docker Hub

As the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, at Docker, we are adulatory what makes our heart all aflutter – gearing up for an amazing DockerCon with the individuals and organizations that make up the Docker community. With that, we are thrilled to announce our first speakers for DockerCon San Francisco, April 29 – May 2. DockerCon fan favorites like Liz Rice, Bret Fisher and Don Bauer are returning to the conference to share new insights and experiences to help you better learn how to containerize. And we are excited to welcome new speakers to the DockerCon family including Ana Medina, Tommy Hamilton and Ian Coldwater to talk chaos engineering, building your production container platform stack and chart with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.  And we’re just getting started! This year DockerCon is going to bring more abstruse deep dives, practical how-to’s, chump case studies and inspirational stories. Stay Continue reading…


Dec 13, 2018 ... Today, we're excited to announce that Docker Store and Docker Cloud are now part of Docker Hub, providing a single experience for finding, ...

Introducing the New Docker Hub

In just over one year, Microsoft support for Windows Server 2008 will come to an end. Without the proper planning in place, the ripple effects may impact your business. The amount of maintenance will skyrocket, while security and compliance risks will increase without regular patches. So, how can companies beat the clock? The short answer is enterprise container platforms can provide a fast and simple way to transform expensive and difficult-to-maintain applications into efficient, secure and portable applications ready for avant-garde infrastructure – whether current Windows Server releases (such as WS 2016 or later) and/or into the cloud. Taking this approach saves a significant amount of money and improves security and performance across the application lifecycle. We are already seeing actual demand from customers in modernizing their existing Windows Server applications in preparation for the end of support in January Continue reading…

Docker install

Well it is a new year, and I have ended up converting all my docker containers to runc configs, so it's the perfect time for a new blog post. For those of you ...

Introducing Docker Enterprise 2.1 – Advancing Our Container Platform Leadership

On Monday, February 11, Docker released an update to fix a privilege escalation vulnerability (CVE-2019-5736) in runC, the Open Container Initiative (OCI) runtime specification used in Docker Engine and containerd. This vulnerability makes it possible for a malicious actor that has created a specially-crafted container image to gain administrative privileges on the host. Docker engineering worked with runC maintainers on the OCI to issue a patch for this vulnerability. Docker recommends immediately applying the update to avoid any potential security threats. For Docker Engine-Community, this means updating to 18.09.2 or 18.06.2. For Docker Engine- Enterprise, this means updating to 18.09.2, 18.03.1-ee-6, or 17.06.2-ee-19. Read the release notes before applying the update due to specific instructions for Ubuntu and RHEL operating systems. For Docker Desktop, users should download the update for Mac or Windows. Summary of the Docker Engine versions that address the vulnerability:   Docker Engine Continue reading…

Docker swarm

Dec 4, 2018 ... Simplifying Kubernetes with Docker Compose and Friends - Docker Blog.

Simplifying Kubernetes with Docker Compose and Friends

Most people use Docker for absolute applications to deploy into production or for building their applications in a contained environment. This is all fine & dandy, and saves developers & ops engineers huge headaches, but I like to use Docker in a not-so-typical way.

Docker registry

Jan 23, 2019 ... Docker blogs list ranked by popularity based on social metrics, google search ranking, quality & consistency of blog posts & Feedspot editorial ...

Simplifying Kubernetes with Docker Compose and Friends

That was a test. I really hope you didn’t just copy, paste, and run a command on your host without alive anything about the author. A bit about me… I have run this install about a dozen times on my mac, with various different changes along the way. I can finally say I found the absolute way to install Linux, specifically Debian Jessie, on a mac.

Docker windows

Top 5 Blog Post 2018: Simplifying Kubernetes with Docker Compose and Friends ... All this week we've been bringing you the top 5 blog posts for 2018 –coming ...

Introducing Docker Enterprise 2.1 – Advancing Our Container Platform Leadership

  Docker is pleased to announce support within the Docker Enterprise container platform for the Windows Server 2019 Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release and the Server 1809 Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) release. Windows Server 2019 brings the range of improvements that debuted in the Windows Server 1709 and 1803 SAC releases into a LTSC release adopted by most barter for production use. The addition of Windows Server 1809 brings support for the latest release for barter who prefer to work with the Semi-Annual Channel. As with all supported Windows Server versions, Docker Enterprise enables Windows Server 2019 and Server 1809 to be used in a alloyed cluster alongside Linux nodes. Windows Server 2019 includes the afterward improvements: Ingress routing VIP service discovery Named pipe mounting Relaxed image compatibility requirements Smaller abject image sizes Docker and Microsoft: A Rich History of Continue reading…


Nov 8, 2018 ... Introducing Docker Enterprise 2.1 - Advancing Our Container Platform Leadership - Docker Blog.

Top 10 Docker Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2019 (Software)

  If you can only attend one conference this year – make it matter. DockerCon is the one-stop event for practitioners, contributors, maintainers, developers, and the container ecosystem to learn, arrangement and innovate. And this year, we will continue to accompany you all the things you love about DockerCon like Docker Pals, the Hallway Track and roundtables, and the sessions and content you wanted more of – including open source, transformational, and practical how-to talks. Take advantage of our lowest admission price when you register by January 31, 2019. No codes required. And in case you are still not convinced, here are a few more reasons you shouldn’t miss this year’s DockerCon Belong.The Docker Community is one of a kind and the best way to feel a part of it is at DockerCon. Take advantage the Docker Pals Program, Hallway Track, Continue reading…

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Dockers Men

Dockers Men's Comfort Khaki Stretch Relaxed-Fit Flat-Front Pant, British Khaki (Stretch), 36W x 32L

Cut for a relaxed fit, these khakis are full through the seat and thigh with a straight leg. Constructed with comfort in mind, they feature added stretch for performance, a super-soft hand and a Comfort Waistband, which offers up to 2" of extra room in the waist. No Wrinkles technology and a permanent front crease keep you looking crisp all day. Features a button-through front closure and double welt button-through closure back pockets.
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Dockers Men

Dockers Men's Classic Fit Stretch Signature Khaki Pants D3, Burma Grey (Stretch), 34W x 30L

A best-in-class khaki with dress pant details. Cut for a classic fit that is eased through the hip and thigh with a straight leg, these feature stretch for performance and all-day comfort. No Wrinkles technology gives you a freshly pressed look around the clock and an Individual Fit Waistband offers up to 1" of extra room in the waist. Features a button-through front closure, double welt button-through back pockets and fine topstitching. A super-soft fabric makes these your new workday go-to.
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